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“Ari P300, abi paasoha dapog mo.” Here is the P300 and let your stove produce a smoke. This, a joke from Orlan to his friend Nelson Lidres when he happened to visit his friend’s house in Silay City. Orlan found out that his friend was not able to eat his breakfast because he did not have any money to buy even a kilo of rice, and his was 10am already.

That’s Orlando Alba, by his friends call him Orlan. He is kind – hearted, helpful, and friendly.

Presently, Orlan works as a Piping Superintendent with Sunchang Engineering, a Korean construction firm which has a project in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Orlan grew up with his mother and father and eleven siblings in the rural town of Talisay, Negros Occidental. Even at his young age, Orlan was exposed in hard work helping his father in the field with a wage of mere 2 pesos per hour. Shortly after his sophomore year in college, he stopped schooling because of poverty and worked instead at the local electric company.

At the age of 22, Orlan started to work as Pipefitter/Fabricator and he was consequently deployed to Iraq. Over the years, his experience, integrity, hard work, and Filipino ingenuity enabled him to be promoted as lead man, foreman, supervisor and he eventually became a Superintendent – the highest position in piping works.

Alba is an undergraduate of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, but his ability and skills in piping works and in managing hundreds of workers in oil and gas, refineries and petrochemical projects was beyond the expectation of his employers. Alba was deployed in different countries such as KSA, UAE, New Caledonia, Singapore, and Algeria and is a recipient of numerous awards given by his various employers.

Orlando is happily married to Sally Julag – Ay with whom they have three children:

Orlando Alba Jr., John Lester, And Kenneth.

Orlando Alba Jr. is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in the University of St. La Salle, and is now working in an independent media firm. He excels in academic and extracurricular
activities. He is ranked fourth place in Sepak Takraw (Division Level) and 8th Place in the honor roll in high school.
John Lester Alba, is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Electronic and Communications Engineering in technological University of the Philippines. Presently, He is reviewing for his board exam. John Lester was adjudged as the division champion during the 25th National Super Quiz Bee by DepEd last 2004. He also received a Certificate of Merit as IT Olympian last 2006. DepEd also recognized the talent of John Lester in wrting. He was NSPC 2006 National Winner and last April 2011 he was a recipient of the Quill Award.
Kenneth Alba, is currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in West Negros University.
Part of the early years of Orlan’s children were spent without him at their side because of his work abroad but he managed to keep close by writing letters or calling home. He always spends his time with his family when he is not at work; his return home is always a joyous moment for the family.

The achievements of his three children would not have been possible if not for the hard work and efforts of Orlan to always communicate and be in touch with his family even when he is not in the Philippines.

“Almost every day, Orlan communicates with us, and every year he spends his vacation with his family and friends. We go to churchtogether andwe always have fun with the children. He would talk to the children about his experiences aboard and he imparts to them his wisdom in life,” Sally said.

It’s Orlan and Sally’s dream to give their children quality education and strong spiritual foundation - that their faith in God would carry them through any hardships. Because of their strong spiritual foundation, their children are volunteer musicians in their church and are active participant in church activities

In appreciation for their father’s hardships and sacrifices, the children studies hard and excels in various fields.

“Don’t worry pa, when we finish school and have a job, we’ll take care of you,” comforted John when his father reminded them that it’s really difficult to work abroad.

For Sally and Orlan, the education of their children is one of their greatest achievements in life.

Orlan plans to put up an Eatery and Hardware business in Concepcion, Talisay City, Negros Occidental to augment their income to sustain the needs of his three children. He intends to invest his savings in it and make it a self-sustaining business.

Aside from his business plans, Orlan has tried backyard farming and promoted organic farming. He cultivated a two-hectare lot near the eatery. He planted it with vegetables. This farm supplies some of the vegetables ingredients needed in his eatery and also provides
additional income by selling the produce in the markets.

While Orlan is working abroad, Sally manages the family business together with the children. Sally oversees the operation of the eatery; she also cooks the food served, and supervises the three staff employed there. The children help in the restaurant when they have no classes or on their days off. As of now, the little restaurant is one of the most popular establishments in Concepcion.