Our company provides a total turn-key solution package which includes the following 10 steps program:

  • Determining the client’s requirements and needs, “which skill-set, when and where”.
  • Finalize work orders, draft clients agreement to identify terms and conditions and kick start the deployment process
  • Researching and identifying potential candidates within our database (over 100 thousands candidates, mostly qualified / certified) as well as externally via our branches / office staff in various cities nationwide,
  • Pre-screening of applicants based on client’s approval criteria as well as industry/trade standards,
  • Clients selection process, interviews and identification of the potential candidates,
  • Processing of all necessary documents pre-requisite to visa application and deployment for selected candidates,
  • Standardization, testing and certifications,
  • Host country visa application, processing and approval, POEA approval,
  • Orientation and deployment of the workers to job site,
  • Post deployment repatriation, post-mortem and client feedback.

1. Skilled Manpower Sourcing

YWA’s reputation as the industry leading overseas employment agency attracts nationwide skilled workforce that are identified, interviewed, rigorously screened and qualified before entering into our database for immediate and/or future employment. We track our rich and comprehensive talent pool using a modern and completely updated database system. This system stores, updates and monitors applicants' progress from sourcing and selection phase, documentation of requirements all the way up to deployment and post deployment process. The system contains extremely valuable data such as applicants' personal information, detailed experience and job description, employment history, availability and current employment status. It also tracks both active and inactive workers to ensure we have a large pool of manpower from which to choose from.

YWA is also accessible online through our website, www.ywacorp.com, which gives clients and applicants alike to have easy access to our company profile. Applicants will also be able to apply online and view our existing job opening, which again helps support the company's steady flow of qualified manpower.

  • Existing manpower pool
    YWA has over 100,000 workers stored in its existing database, ready to be deployed.
  • Manpower sourcing from our multiple nationwide office
    Our branch offices, in Batangas and Cebu, source qualified candidates from a wide geographic area including adjacent provinces.
  • Website posting
    Interview schedules with updated manpower needs are posted on YWA's website.
  • Online submission of application forms
    Forms are available to workers so that they may submit their resumes online.

2. Pre-Deployment Services
  • Rigid pre-screening of resumes based on the requirements and qualifications of clients.
  • Skills testing. (if applicable)
  • Extensive orientation of the host country including its culture, climate, immigration and local laws, employer policies, workers' rights and privileges, job responsibilities and other terms and conditions as stipulated in their contracts.
  • Travel document facilitation including passports, police clearance and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance.
  • Medical examination to ensure on time mobilization.
  • Financial assistance.
  • Promotion of Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) programs to ensure the worker wisely invests while working abroad for greater returns at the end of their contract.

3. Post-Deployment Services
  • Continuous follow-ups on candidate's status to note present site conditions and signs of difficulty that might cause employer - employee conflict.
  • Updated current events and news in the employees' home country.
  • Award certificates of recognition to outstanding workers.
  • Workers with excellent records and remarkable performance are recommended for further opportunities.
  • Ongoing assistance with family matters and communication especially during emergencies.