To become the leading Philippine Employment Provider of offshore labor to specified industries overseas.

  • To pursue overseas job opportunities for Filipinos with the highest considerations on social and ethical issues affecting their terms and conditions of contract;
  • To promote the services of YWA globally and capture the demand for Filipino workers for the oil and gas, hospitality, ship building, medical and civil construction industries;
  • To meet the expectations of its stakeholders by ensuring its profitability and financial stability in all its business dealings.
  • To protect the welfare and interest of its personnel by pursuing only legitimate and genuine business transactions that would produce additional incentives for its workforce.

  • As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, YWA adheres to the best quality policies by providing exceptional service to our clients, and maintaining strong and long term relationships which translates into financial stability and corporate sustainability.
  • YWA adopts and executes systems and procedures that will exhibit the competence and capability of the company to its clients, the government entities, and other accrediting & auditing bodies;
  • YWA’s team of professionals is committed to maintain the quality of services in all areas of work and will continue to improve the quality of services to satisfy existing and potential clients.